6 Tips To Quickly Recover From a Cold

6 Tips To Quickly Recover From a Cold

| By RB Schiff Vitamins


 Suffering from a cold or bout of flu can often take its toll on the body and day-to-day life. Even worse, sometimes it can take a while for you to bounce back to your normal healthy self. To help speed up recovery and get you back on your feet, here are 6 top tips on how to quickly recover from a cold.

1. Stay hydrated: When feeling under the weather you may suffer from higher than normal body temperature, which in turn could increase your overall chances of running a fever or fluid loss. Although you may not feel up to drinking any liquids, it is still important to meet your daily requirements to help reduce any negative side effects a cold might cause.

Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids not only replenishes and flushes out toxins from the body, it also helps rid germs from invading. To help give your immune system that extra boost, add an effervescent tablet to a glass of water to help support your body in fighting unwanted bugs. In addition to that, herbal teas such as ginger, are also great as they have inflammatory properties which can help reduce the inflammation of sore throats which can have a soothing effect.

2. Rest: One of the most simple and effective ways to help your body recover quickly from a cold is to get as much rest as possible. It’s often in our stubborn nature to carry on when we’re feeling unwell, especially if we have important meetings at work or social events to attend. However, in this instance, the best medicine is to slow down, take care of yourself and retreat to your comfortable sofa or cosy bed for a quick nap.

3. Extra sleep: Being kept up at night with a high temperature or persistent cough can disrupt our regular sleeping pattern. While we all know that getting a perfect night’s sleep is important for a healthy and happy body, only  40% of Americans get less than seven hours sleep a night. Not only is it even more important getting those extra hours of sleep when feeling unwell, more sleep can help the body fight against illness while aiding in recovery.   To help aid the body in fighting against a cold, it’s recommended that up to 7-8 hours of sleep when in full health is essential; however, we might often require a little more when suffering from an illness.

4. Say no to stress: Studies have shown that stress can affect your immune system, often meaning it must work harder to fight off those unwanted germs associated with a cold. In order to help your body recover quickly, try unwinding down. Whether you decide to listen to soothing music, focus on your breathing, or find a relaxing exercise; choosing an activity that can keep your mind and body relaxed is a great way to help combat an illness.  Alternatively, if you don’t feel like being active, a calming bath with essential oils such as lavender or chamomile are great for aching muscles and stress relief.

5. Feed your cold: During an illness, you may not always have an appetite which can leave your body feeling tired and lethargic. It is therefore important when on the road to recovery to eat nutritious foods that will help give your body plenty of energy. Our immune system is cleverly designed to fight back against unwanted bacteria, and with the support of nutrient-dense, fiber-rich whole foods, it can promote a healthy bacterial balance creating an unformidable super-team.

6. Keep clean: Although it may sound obvious, washing your hands and keeping good overall hygiene will reduce your chances of catching another cold whilst your body is trying to recover. Whilst your body is weak, it is sometimes at its most vulnerable. Make sure to throw tissues away after use and wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer if you’re out on the go.