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We’re here to help you seize the day with Airborne confidence! Our uniquely crafted blend includes more than just Vitamin C with vitamins like A+E, herbs & minerals like Zinc. Plus, we’re proud to be the #1 immune support gummy, effervescent and chewable1.

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“Like a treat and a health solution all in one!”
As a teacher, I’m always looking for easy ways to keep myself from getting sick. I’ve found these to be like a little treat, which makes me more likely to take them, in addition to something to help boost my immune system working in a school! I would definitely buy them again!
“Great for Kids”
My Children LOVED these gummies. I have always had a hard time finding one that would suit them. Some times they just don’t taste right, but these they can’t get enough of. I have had to tell them that they are not candy and they are allotted to one a day. Would highly recommend these to anyone searching for a multi vitamin for their children.
"Immune supporting elderberry goodness"
My family and I love this brand of immune support supplements as they taste good and provide us with the benefits of elderberry immune supporting properties. I like that the size of the gummies is the right size making it easy to consume. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends.
“Great Immune Supplement”
Taste great! Not chalky or bitter, but an honestly good taste. Very quick dissolving, no gritty mess at the bottom of my water bottle, which means no last sip full of nasty grit/chalk. Also easy to break to get into the bottle opening, no matter how small. Nice smell, doesn't smell medicine-y, it really was like just drink plain orange juice. Extremely happy with this product.
“Give yourself an immune boost!”
Airborne immune support supplement dissolving tablets in zesty orange were great! Packaging was easy to pop open and close, and the tablets dissolved quickly in water. Great way to get immune support with ease...
*Received product via Buchanan Home Tester Club.

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