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It May Be Cold Outside, But Get Outside

The days are growing shorter and sunlight is getting scarce. Your mood can plummet with the temperature and make it harder to find the motivation to get moving. What's the perfect antidote? Getting outside!

When it's raining, snowing, cold or misty, what getting outside really requires is the right gear! Once you prepare yourself, you'll find there's beauty in all kinds of weather, from the fall colors that look richer when wet to the magic of snow quietly falling all around you. And exercise is one of the most powerful ways to counter the low moods some of us have when there's less sun in the day.

When you're lucky to get a sunny fall or winter day, it's important to get outdoors and soak up some rays. Humans get Vitamin D from sun exposure, and our Vitamin D levels fall sharply in the winter. Scientists now know that Vitamin D is even more critical to our health than we thought. Because most of us don't get enough Vitamin D, Schiff® has created Mega-D3® – high potency Vitamin D3. Mega-D3® is more than just Vitamin D. 5,000 IU of natural Vitamin D3 plus Resveratrol and Red Wine Extract, this powerful formula supports key areas of health that decline with age.*

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