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The omega's you want for better heart health



Essential Omega-3 Support for Your Whole Body*

It’s true, we’re omega obsessed. We’re a group of doctors, scientists, and nutritionists who thoroughly studied the health benefits of Omega-3s over years and years; and are still in amazement of their capabilities. Those little Omegas have big powers to help people live their best lives, so we proudly want to share them with everyone.

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MegaRed Advanced 6X Better absorption 800mg
Omega-3s For Happy, Healthy, Powerful Lives
We’re here to help you live a bolder life with the power of Omega-3s. Why Omega-3s? Because they help support heart, brain, joint and eye health.* Mega Red is focused on quality and innovation which drives everything we do including responsible ingredient sourcing and driving innovation. Power your day with Mega Red.
Responsibly-Sourced Krill
By only sourcing krill from the Antarctic where it’s most abundant, we help maintain a healthy ecosystem
With an internal team of experts, we work diligently to search for innovative ingredients and technology
More ways to Omega
We source our omega from fish, krill and algae oil and offer it in convenient forms like softgels and gummies

Our Omega-3 mission

It’s our mission to help people live bolder lives. Our formulations are full of high quality Omega-3s, which can help support happy and healthy heart, brain, joints, and eyes. 98% of Americans don’t get enough of these Omega-3s powerhouses’ and that’s why we’re here: we want everyone to become their most force-to-be-reckoned-with self.

What are the key ingredients in MegaRed?

We went to the Antarctic, where some of the best quality omegas are found – in Krill. Oil from this mighty little crustacean contains omegas in a phospholipid form making it easily absorbed. We also partnered with forward-thinking scientists to deliver fish oil with a micro-droplet technology to greatly improve the absorption. And, while we’re huge omega-3 fans, we’re also all about sustainability – which is why our ingredient sources are responsible.

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