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Scientific breakthroughs rooted in natural ingredients

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Scientific breakthroughs rooted in natural ingredients
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Bone & Joint Health Journey

Our scientists started in the fitness community, helping athletes who have experienced joint discomfort. Then it became obvious it wasn’t just athletes who needed our help. Moms, dads, grandparents—all were dealing with similar joint issues. That’s when Move Free was born. Today, we constantly look for the right ingredients and combinations to deliver better options for everyone’s joint health.*

Healthy Joints Move Free™

Our Mission

Our Mission

We combine innovation and science to create better movement for everyone. Our biggest goal is to push joint health forward, so you can do the same for yourself. We believe, when you move, your world gets bigger. So we’re here to help you never miss a step and keep connected to all the things that matter.

Our Mission

Our Innovations

We relentlessly seek naturally-sourced ingredients and combinations to help your day get off on the right foot. We also pair up with experienced partners to analyze varying ranges of movement—so that we can learn as much as we can to constantly keep science, and you, moving forward.

Bone & Joint Health Tips & Advice

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5 Important Things You Can Do to Keep Your Bones Strong

Your bones provide important protection for your vital organs and structure

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5 Minerals and Vitamins for Heart Health

How Aging Affects Your Joints

Did you know that joint changes are a natural part of getting older? Read on to learn what causes joint discomfort, the effects of aging on joints, and what you can do about it.

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5 Minerals and Vitamins for Heart Health

Joint Focus: Knee

What is the one joint that gives more trouble to more people over their lifetimes? The knee! Problems with aging knees are one of the leading causes of disability in older adults. The knee is critical to mobility and is a joint that receives a lot of stress, but not a lot of TLC. Read on to learn more about your aching knees, how to prevent further damage and steps you can take to keep your knees healthy and mobile.

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