Airborne products contain a combination of key immune supporting vitamins and minerals plus a proprietary blend of natural herbs. Research has confirmed that the key ingredients in Airborne support immune health, and those studies have appeared in a number of peer reviewed journals



Airborne®’s Story

There may be no job more challenging to the immune system than teaching—just imagine a room full of unhappy kids. However, one inventive teacher took it upon herself to find a solution that would support her immune system. She worked in collaboration with nutrition experts and herbalists to formulate a remarkable immune support supplement. Her ingenuity eventually led to Airborne® products. And what started as a one-off solution is now the go-to brand for immune support across the country. 


Why Airborne®?

Your immune system is under near-constant attack from multiple fronts every hour of every day. The good news is that your body’s immune system is pretty efficient at fending off those attacks—most of the time. It could definitely use some help to stay bolstered and ready to defend and resist at a moment’s notice. A balanced healthy diet is important for this, and so is getting regular exercise and plenty of sleep. But for those of us who live in the real world and need some assistance here, it’s a good thing there’s Airborne®.

Vitamins and Minerals

Here’s the short list of ingredients in Airborne®’s various formulations and how they help support your immune health.

What ingredients make Airborne special

  • Vitamin C: Antioxidants that go to work on the cellular level to quench free radicals and support cellular health.  Vitamin C also supports the function of immune cells throughout your body.
  • Vitamin E: Naturally-occurring antioxidant nutrients that inactivate harmful free radicals
  • Vitamin A: Phyto-nutrients that work as antioxidants, on the cellular level, to promote immunity and protect DNA
  • Zinc: An essential nutrient that works as a trigger for over 200 different enzymes and supports the number and function of several different immune cells.
  • Minerals: These include selenium, manganese and magnesium, which support immunity.
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