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Positive results for Neuriva in our clinical trial

Positive results for Neuriva in our clinical trial

As the Global Medical Affairs Manager for the Neuriva brand at Reckitt, I am thrilled to share insights from our clinical trial recently published in the peer reviewed Journal of Neurology and Therapy that evaluated the efficacy of Neuriva Original in enhancing cognitive function.

As typical within the dietary supplement industry, the science behind claims is traditionally supported by individual ingredients within the formula. However, Neuriva is a brand that has always led with the science first. Thus, Neuriva original is now among a small group of combination supplements that demonstrate clinical efficacy as a complete formula (internal analysis, data on file).  

The primary objective of this trial was to investigate the efficacy of Neuriva Original on cognitive performance in healthy adults with self-reported memory problem.

The clinical study was performed by an independent research organization and was double-blinded (neither investigator nor participant knew who was in the test group), randomized and placebo-controlled trial where 138 healthy adults between the ages of 40 and 65 years old with self-reported memory problems consumed Neuriva Original or placebo daily for 42 days. This is a large trial for dietary supplements where often sample sizes hover around 20-50 participants. Excitingly, the trial demonstrated that supplementation for 42 days provided positive results on the cognitive-enhancing effects of Neuriva Original.

More specifically, these individuals performed better on cognitive tests that objectively measure outcomes related to key indicators of brain health. Within this trial, five indicators were tested: memory, learning, accuracy, focus and concentration. Significant test differences due to Neuriva Original supplementation were found amongst all the domains with the percentage of tests showing improvement being 23% Accuracy, 30.5% Focus and Concentration, 24% Memory, & 7% Learning.

This clinical trial evaluating Neuriva Original efficacy in enhancing cognitive function is a prime example of the value of full product clinical trials. Neuriva Original contains two active ingredients: Whole Coffee Cherry Extract (Neurofactor®) and phosphatidylserine. While both ingredients have been individually shown to support five indicators of brain health (Accuracy, Focus, Concentration, Memory and Learning), we now have data on the formula finished product demonstrating support for all five indicators.

I find these results exciting because they provide evidence that our supplement is beneficial for healthy individuals looking to enhance their cognitive function. The study's results build on previous research demonstrating the cognitive-enhancing effects of the active ingredients in Neuriva.

In conclusion, the clinical trial evaluating Neuriva's efficacy in enhancing cognitive function is a significant milestone demonstrating a commitment to the clinical science of nutrition supplementation. I am proud to be part of a company that is committed to developing safe and effective supplements that support brain health.


About Dr. Lauren R Brink, PhD, RDN
Dr.Lauren R Brink
Dr. Lauren R Brink, PhD, RDN received her doctorate in Nutritional Biology and her BSc in Clinical Nutrition from the University of California, Davis. Her dissertation focused on the role of Pediatric Nutrition on neurodevelopment. She is the author of over 10 peer-reviewed academic publications, a licensed clinical dietician in the state of North Carolina and is active in multiple professional leadership societies. Originally joining Reckitt in 2019, Dr Brink brings thorough understanding of nutrition through her research and clinical experience. 
When not busy with her vocation. Dr Brink enjoys caring for her two young children, as well as crocheting, baking, and enjoying the mountains of Western NC.
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