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Benefits Of Swimming

Benefits Of Swimming

Joint discomfort is tough to handle, especially because it can interfere with daily activities and work. Aside from taking Move Free® Advanced Plus MSM & Vitamin D3 daily to support your joints, we also recommend exercising your joints. With the combination of joint supplements and the right amount of exercise, you can help support your bone health and joint movement.

The benefits of swimming for joint support may surprise you! It’s a great form of exercise because the water is so easy on your joints.

Here are some benefits of swimming and water aerobics for joint discomfort:

Water Supports Your Weight

Ever notice how easy it is to walk in water? Or how easy it is to carry someone else in water? That’s because water is able to support your weight, which makes everything a whole lot easier on your joints that are already aching and stressed.

Avoid the Summer Heat

Working out in the winter can be difficult if you live in a cold area. You can’t enjoy the outside weather because it’s too cold, so you’re stuck at the gym. But, working out in the summertime can be just as dangerous and just as uncomfortable. With high temperatures, you want to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion. This is one of the great benefits of swimming—you can go to a local gym and use their pool, stay cool, and get a great workout.

Water Aerobics

Taking a water aerobics class can help you do high intensity exercises with the support of water. Taking a class can help you stay focused on the exercise routine, which will in turn provide you with joint relief. Participating in a consistent exercise routine will help to maintain your weight, making it easier on your joints, and it’ll build muscle in your aching areas so you’re not relying solely on your joints to do all the work.

You’ll Have More Energy

When practicing aerobics, you get one of the best benefits of swimming: you get energy to last you throughout the day. Having joint discomfort takes a pretty big toll on your body, not just your joints. You feel sluggish, tired and lack energy. When you swim and practice aerobics in the water, you’ll gain much more stamina and energy to last you throughout the day.

Actively swimming and participating in aerobics can certainly lift that strain off your joints. Strengthening your muscles takes pressure off your joints2, which is why we recommend daily exercise if you’re suffering from joint discomfort. Our Move Free® Advanced Plus MSM & Vitamin D3 formula contains:

  • Glucosamine – a key component in the formation of cartilage as well as an essential building block of your joints
  • MSM – a source of sulfur found naturally in the body that plays an important role in the formation of collagen in joints
  • Vitamin D3 – a vitamin that helps to support your overall bone health3.

By swimming and taking a daily dose of Move Free® Advanced Plus MSM & Vitamin D3, you can help support your joints.





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