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Listen to your gut

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Digestive Advantage Adult Gummies – Schiff Vitamins

Your gut is speaking to you

Gut check! Are you listening to what your gut is telling you? Your gut and brain are in constant communication, telling you when you’re too full or when it’s time to hit the bathroom. Go with your gut and support your daily digestive and immune health with Digestive Advantage.*

3-in-1 support for:

minor abdominal discomfort*
occasional bloating*
immune health*

Digestive support* in a delicious gummy

Our Digestive Advantage probiotic, BC30, is protected with a natural protein shell which helps it survive stomach acid 100x better (vs. leading yogurts1) to deliver more live good bacteria to your gut. These delicious, gluten-free gummies have no artificial sweeteners making them an easy and tasty way to support your digestive and immune health.*

1 Based on median survivability of Digestive Advantage® probiotic BC30 vs. leading yogurts in a simulated gastric environment.

Savings that don’t stink

10% OFF Amazon

Digestive Advantage Adult Gummies – Schiff Vitamins

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