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Which foods are best for healthy joints?

From olive oil to winter squash, there are several foods that provide important nutrients for joint health. Discover which foods make for a joint healthy diet here. Learn More

How can I choose the best shoe to support my joints?

Choosing the right shoe can make a difference in your joint health. Find out which types of shoes are most supportive of joints, and find the support you need. Learn More

How can I enjoy the outdoors when I have joint discomfort?

Joint discomfort can stop you from going out from time to time, but it’s still possible to enjoy outdoor activities. Learn More

What are the best ways to support joints while cycling?

Cycling is a great way to get aerobic exercise and get out of the gym. However, it can require additional support for your joints. Find out how to enjoy your bike and maintain joint health. Learn More

Which low impact exercises can benefit joints?

Regular exercise is beneficial for health, but high impact exercise can have an impact on your joints. Read through our list of low impact exercises and maintain joint health. Learn More

Can stress affect my joint health?

If you’re feeling stressed out, your joints could feel the effects. Find out how stress can affect joint health and how regulate the physical impact of stress. Learn More

Which tips for wrist joint health should I know?

You use your wrist joint for sports, to shake hands, to open jar, use the computer, and dozens of other key functions. Check out our tips to maintain healthy wrists. Learn More

Which tips for knee joint health should I know?

Your knees are critical to mobility, but they can receive a lot of stress during the day. Discover how to care for your knee joints even as they age. Learn More

How can weight loss help my joints?

Extra weight can often put extra stress on your joints, but losing a few pounds can support joint health. Get additional details on the benefits of weight loss for joint health. Learn More

How can I improve joint comfort?

From exercise tips to proper footwear, we have five tips for joint comfort that may be able to help. Learn More

What can I do to keep my bones strong?

Bones protect vital organs and support muscles. Maintaining bone strength is a top priority when it comes to self-care. Our team has a list of five tips to help your bones. Learn More

Which indoor workouts can I do that are joint-friendly?

If you prefer to workout inside, you can still get the exercise you need and maintain joint health. We have three indoor workout tips to support your joints. Learn More

Which supplements can support joint health?

Move Free comes with four vital compounds that can support joint health. Find out which supplements can give you the advantage of 4®. Learn More

What’s in Move Free Ultra Triple Action?

Move Free Ultra Triple Action is a supplement that supports joints, cartilage, and bones with just one tiny pill. See what our tiny pill has to offer. Learn More

Can self-massages relieve joint discomfort?

Self-massage is a great way to target aching joints, and it can provide relief from joint discomfort. We have a list of techniques that may help. Learn More

How can my joints benefit from exercise?

Physical activity provides several benefits for the body, but it can help your joints stay healthy. Discover why your joints need exercise, and what the benefits are here. Learn More

What is the importance of Calcium and Vitamin D for bone health?

Vitamin D and calcium can help strengthen bones and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, but they both play vital role in bone health. Get a better idea about their benefits here. Learn More

Which foods support joint health?

Support your joint health by maintaining a diet that includes the nutrients your joints need stay on the move. Check out our list of foods to bring a diet for healthy joints to your table. Learn More

What’s my Joint IQ?

Test your knowledge with this joints quiz, and learn more about how to support your joint health! Learn More

What are the benefits of swimming to joint health?

Exercising in the pool is easier on joints because the water provides additional support. Discover the other key benefits swimming offers for joint health. Learn More

How does aging affect my joints?

Joint changes are a natural part of getting older. Read on to learn what causes joint discomfort, the effects of aging on joints, and what you can do about it. Learn More

What are the signs of healthy joints?

Mobility, flexibility, strength, lubrication, and comfort are the five signs of health joints. Find out how Move Free supports all five with a blend of vital supplements. Learn More

Which Thanksgiving dishes support joint health?

Come together with your family and support your joints during the holiday season with our list of calcium-rich foods that can support joint health. Learn More