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Think Bigger than Bedtime

Award-Winning Chef, Alton Brown knows that becoming a morning person starts the night before. To be at his best in the kitchen, he prioritizes getting a quality night sleep so he can wake up as recharged & ready to take on the day.*

Bedtime & your brain

Stop settling for an okay night’s sleep! At Neuriva, we believe sleep marks the beginning of the day, not the end. Shuteye is essential for the mind to recharge, and good sleep influences how your day unfolds, affecting your energy levels, overall mood, and attitude. That’s why we Think Bigger by thinking beyond bedtime.

Snooze away so you can take on your day*

A brighter morning is just a better sleep away.* With just one capsule at bedtime, Neuriva Sleep helps you catch some ZZZ’s so you can feel more energized and ready to take on the day.*

Fall asleep faster*

Improve sleep quality*

So you can wake up feeling recharged*

Dream on with a blissful bedtime blend

We have a selection of ways to snooze that cover all your sleep needs!

Neuriva Sleep has a blend of Melatonin to help you fall asleep faster & clinically tested Shoden® Ashwagandha to help improve your sleep quality.*

Relax & Sleep combines our Shoden® Ashwagandha with L-Theanine to not only improve sleep quality, but help reduce everyday stress so you can relax.*

Deals of your dreams
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SAVE $5.00
*Applies only to Neuriva Sleep and Relax & Sleep
Choose your snooze
Sleepwith Melatonin
Fall asleep faster*
Improve sleep quality*
So you can wake up feeling recharged*
Relax & Sleep Melatonin Free
Relax from daily stress*
Improve sleep quality*
So you can wake up feeling recharged*
Sleep Plus 4in1 Benefits
Relax from daily stress* sleep-plus-4in1-Benefits-tick
Fall asleep faster* sleep-plus-4in1-Benefits-tick
Improve sleep quality* sleep-plus-4in1-Benefits-tick
So you can wake up feeling recharged* sleep-plus-4in1-Benefits-tick


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Well+Good decodes and demystifies what it means to live a well life, inside and out. Learn more about how to support your brain health in Well+Good's Brain Games, in partnership with Neuriva.

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Works Well

If you cannot sleep, or you want to reprogram your sleeping pattern, this stuff works great. Within one hour of taking it, I am asleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I fall back to sleep more quickly than without taking a pill before bed. Highly recommend.

-321 Ruby

A continued Neuriva Believer

I am a real true Neuriva believer and use it daily. Separately I am a melatonin and Ashwa user. The fact that Neuriva came out with this product made me immediately interested to try the product.

I love a good Ashwa and Melatonin and this one did not disappoint. If you are someone who needs a tone down in the evening to help you be prepared for sleeping and bed, this is a great option. Very satisfied.


Quick Acting

I really like this melatonin it works fast! I also find that I do not wake up feeling groggy or with a headache, like I have with other brands.

-Glitter Gigi