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What are the benefits of brain supplements?

If you’re looking for ways to support brain health, you can exercise, adjust your diet, sleep better, engage in social activities, and play games designed to stimulate your brain. These are all excellent ideas and should be a part of a brain health regimen. However, brain health supplements can also provide support. Below we’ll explore Neuriva’s brain supplements and the ingredients they contain.

Backed with clinically-studied ingredients NeuroFactor™ and phosphatidylserine, Neuriva brain supplements help support focus, memory, concentration, learning, and accuracy in healthy people.*



Helps support memory and learning*


What is NeuroFactor™?

One of the key ingredients in Neuriva is NeuroFactor™, a botanical coffee fruit extract. Sourced from the skin and rind of the coffee cherry, coffee fruit extract is naturally decaffeinated and rich in nutrients to support your overall health.*

NeuroFactor™ contains polyphenols, substances that have been shown to support the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF. 1

How Does NeuroFactor™ Support BDNF?

NeuroFactor™ helps support increased levels of BDNF, a protein important to brain health. In clinical studies, the coffee fruit extract was shown to increase BDNF levels in just 90 minutes!*2

BDNF supports many key functions essential for cognitive health. BDNF is responsible for maintaining healthy brain cells, supporting neuron growth, and helping form new connections in the brain.*4

Since these areas are tied to memory and cognition, BDNF is critical for supporting learning, problem-solving, and focus.* 4

The Phospholipid

What is a phospholipid?

Lipids are found in every cell and are essential throughout the body. Phospholipids are an important component in all of our cells, making up the membrane. This lipid is concentrated in your brain’s nerve cells and helps support healthy cell membranes and neurotransmitters. The brain is rich in one phospholipid in particular: phosphatidylserine.5

How can Phosphatidylserine Support Learning?

Research suggests that phosphatidylserine supports communication between nerve cells and the brain, which is connected to memory and learning.3

Neuriva contains phosphatidylserine, a soy-derived phospholipid, that supports cognitive function in healthy people.

What are the different Neuriva supplements?

Neuriva Original

Neuriva Original is designed to help support 5 different indicators of brain function including focus, memory, learning, accuracy, and concentration.* Ingredients include NeuroFactor™, which is naturally derived from coffee cherries, and phosphatidylserine to support memory and learning.*

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Neuriva Plus

Neuriva Plus helps support 6 different indicators of brain performance: focus, memory, learning, accuracy, concentration and reasoning.* Neuriva Plus’ powerful ingredients include 2X the amount of NeuroFactor™ as the original formula, phosphatidylserine, folic acid, and B vitamins.

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Neuriva Strawberry Original Gummies

These tasty, strawberry-flavored gummies contain everything you love about Neuriva Original brain supplements including NeuroFactor™ and phosphatidylserine to support brain health.*

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Neuriva Plus Strawberry Gummies

Back your brain with Neuriva Plus Strawberry Gummies. These delicious strawberry-flavored gummies help support 6 indicators of brain performance, including memory and focus.* Pack with two times the amount of NeuroFactor™ as the original formula, these gummies are designed to keep you performing at your best.*

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Neuriva De-Stress

Get the everyday support you need for stress management. Neuriva De-Stress is formulated to support brain health, plus help you manage everyday stress and achieve relaxation.* It features NeuroFactor™, our melon concentrate and L-Theanine to de-stress.*

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Neuriva Brain + Energy Shots
Strawberry Lemonade Flavor

Neuriva Energy Shots comes packed with NeuroFactor™, Vitamin B12 and caffeine to support focus, concentration and give you that extra boost of energy.*

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Neuriva Brain + Energy Shots
Tropical Flavor

Take a trip to the Tropics with Neuriva’s ready to drink Brain + Energy Shots. In a delicious tropical flavor, these shots contain NeuroFactor™, B vitamins and caffeine to help support your energy and focus.*

Our proprietary Melon Concentrate is a common source of the antioxidant, SOD (SuperOxide Dismutase), found naturally in the body to fight oxidative stress.*

The L-theanine promotes relaxation and stress reduction. L-Theanine is an amino acid commonly found in tea leaves that can help you relax without drowsiness.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1) Elske Gravesteijn, Ronald P. Mensink & Jogchum Plat (2021) Effects of nutritional interventions on BDNF concentrations in humans: a systematic review, Nutritional Neuroscience, DOI: 10.1080/1028415X.2020.1865758

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