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What are the benefits of brain health supplements?

Looking for ways to support your brain health? Routine exercise, a mindful diet, regular sleep, social engagement, and brain-stimulating games (like the ones on the Neuriva Brain Gym app) are great additions to your everyday routine. Another no-brainer? Adding a daily brain health supplement to the mix! Learn more about the ingredients behind Neuriva and what makes our products stand out from ordinary memory supplements.

Our Ingredients

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B Vitamins


NeuroFactor™, one of Neuriva’s key ingredients, is a botanical whole coffee cherry extract that comes from the coffee cherry. Naturally sourced from farms in Mexico and India, the coffee cherry is rich in polyphenols that support brain and overall health.*

NeuroFactor™ is not only naturally decaffeinated, but it is also clinically tested to increase levels of the neuroprotein BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor), which is known to strengthen connections between brain cells.

How Does NeuroFactor™ Support BDNF?
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NeuroFactor™ helps support increased levels of BDNF, a protein important to brain health. In clinical studies, whole coffee cherry fruit extract was shown to increase BDNF levels in just 90 minutes!*2

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BDNF supports many key functions essential for cognitive health. BDNF is responsible for maintaining healthy brain cells, supporting neuron growth, and helping form new connections in the brain.*4

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Since these areas are tied to memory and cognition, BDNF is critical for supporting learning, problem-solving, and focus.* 4

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Did you know lipids make up 60% of your brain and act as the main building block for cell membranes? Healthy lipids like Phosphatidylserine are naturally present throughout the body but decline in the brain as we age. Neuriva’s plant-sourced Phosphatidylserine is essential for brain health and helps support memory and learning.*
Nerve cell

How can Phosphatidylserine Support Learning?

Research suggests that Phosphatidylserine supports communication between nerve cells and the brain, which is connected to memory and learning.3 Neuriva’s Phosphatidylserine, a phospholipid, supports cognitive function in healthy people.
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Neuriva’s newest ingredient, Cognivive, can be found in Neuriva Ultra! It is a caffeine-free extract from the Alpinia Galanga plant, which is part of the Ginger family, and is often used in herbal remedies.
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What is the advantage of Cognivive?

Neuriva Ultra’s Cognivive is clinically tested to help you feel mentally alert from just one daily serving.* ‡ Need another reason? Here’s 7. Neuriva Ultra supports mental alertness, reasoning, memory, focus, concentration, learning and accuracy.*
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B Vitamins

B is for brain health! Crafted carefully with your brain in mind, many of Neuriva’s products contain B vitamins such as Folic Acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 helps reduce fatigue and supports cognitive function while vitamin B6 supports the regulation of sugar, a primary source of fuel for your brain.*
What are the different Neuriva supplements?
Whether a delicious gummy, easy-to-take capsule or ready-to-drink Shot, Neuriva has an option for everyone when it comes to supporting daily brain health!*
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Neuriva Ultra

Ultra is Neuriva’s newest brain health supplement that fuels SEVEN indicators of brain health: mental alertness, reasoning, memory, focus, concentration, learning & accuracy.* Phosphatidylserine and B Vitamins, along with clinically tested NeuroFactor™, work to support your everyday brain health.* The advantage? Neuriva Ultra’s clinically tested ingredient, Cognivive, supports mental alertness from just one serving.*

Neuriva plus product.

Neuriva Plus

Neuriva Plus helps support six different indicators of brain health: focus, memory, learning, accuracy, and concentration, and reasoning.* It’s powerful ingredients include 2X the amount of NeuroFactor™ as Original, plus Phosphatidylserine, Folic Acid, and vitamins B6 & B12.

Neuriva plus stawberry product.

Neuriva Plus Strawberry Gummies

The brainpower of Neuriva Plus, but now in a delicious strawberry gummy! Support six different indicators of brain health: focus, memory, learning, accuracy, and concentration, and reasoning with the help of Neurofactor™, Phosphatidylserine and B vitamins.*

Neuriva brain health product

Neuriva Original

Neuriva Original’s clinically tested formula is designed to help support five different indicators of brain health: focus, memory, learning, accuracy, and concentration.* Ingredients include NeuroFactor™ to help support brain health and Phosphatidylserine to support memory and learning.*

Neuriva sleep plus product.

Neuriva Sleep Plus

With Shoden Ashwagandha, L-Theanine & Melatonin, Neuriva Sleep Plus capsules help you relax from everyday stress, fall asleep faster, improve sleep quality and wake up feeling recharged.*

Neuriva strawberry original product.

Neuriva Strawberry Original Gummies

These strawberry-flavored gummies contain everything you love about Neuriva Original’s clinically tested formula including NeuroFactor™ and Phosphatidylserine to support brain health, now in two tasty gummies a day!*

Neuriva brain + energy product

Neuriva Brain + Energy Shots
Strawberry Lemonade or Tropical Flavors

Give Neuriva Brain + Energy a shot! Whether our Strawberry Lemonade or Tropical flavor, they’re a delicious and easy way to help support brain health & take on your day.* Caffeine works to boost your energy while our clinically tested Neurofactor™ supports focus & concentration.*

Neuriva is a dietary supplement that is intended to be taken daily to achieve the product benefits
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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