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How to Enjoy the Great Outdoors When You Have Joint Discomfort

How to Enjoy the Great Outdoors When You Have Joint Discomfort

As the summer sun begins to grace us all with its presence once again, it’s only natural that we want to spend more of our time enjoying the great outdoors. When you have joint discomfort, you may worry that too many strenuous activities may cause distress on your joints.

However, there’s no need to worry as we have you covered, from the outdoor activities to take part in, to joint health supplements you can take to help support you during these activities.

National Great Outdoors Month

This June, why not celebrate National Great Outdoors Month by taking part in a variety of fun activities to enjoy the beginning of the summer sun. With at least one event per week, you are faced with a great variety of ways to be involved. Just a few examples of events taking place this year include:

National Trails Day

In 2017, more than 122,000 hikers at almost 1,500 trail-related events participated in hiking, biking and horseback riding, paddling trips, birdwatching and many more activities across all 50 states. Why not join in and make this year an even bigger and better year. This event is great for all ages and fitness levels, as those with joint discomfort may wish to opt out of hiking due to its high impact on the joints but may wish to participate in birdwatching as an alternative.

National Marina Day

A nationwide boating event dedicated to grow boating participation. Marinas across the United States are asked to open their doors to the public to encourage more people to get out on the water. Each marina will host a unique event to celebrate boating as a fun, affordable activity that anyone can enjoy. Boating is a great activity for everyone to get involved in, without having to worry about any strenuous activities on the joints.

Great American Campout

The purpose of this event is to inspire more people to protect wildlife, and to encourage more people to spend more time in the outdoors. In 2017, more than 280,000 campers pledged to camp out at locations across all 50 states(1).

To help relieve discomfort whilst outdoors for a prolonged amount of time, it is important you wear adequate footwear that provides you with good support to your feet. It is also vital to take time to rest for 5 to 10 minutes so you aren’t over-working your body, and finally, make sure you drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and maintain a healthy amount of liquid in your joints throughout the day(2).

The Importance of Regular Exercise

Although you may think exercise will worsen your joint discomfort, this isn’t the case. Exercise is actually a key factor in easing it as it supports your bones by keeping your 

muscles and surrounding tissue strong(3). Carrying out low impact exercise on a regular basis will provide you with many benefits including:

  • More energy throughout the day
  • Strengthening your muscles
  • Helping to maintain bone strength
  • Helping you control your weight
  • Enhancing your quality of life

There are many exercises that you can carry out to ease the discomfort of your joints including exercises for bad knees, hips, shoulders, and hands. You should take part in a range of movement, aerobic and strengthening exercises to target all your joints, and by keeping the impact low and moving gently you won’t put too much strain on your body(4).

Range of movement exercises help support joint comfort, improve movement and help maintain maximum flexibility. Examples of these exercises include rolling your shoulders backwards and forwards, leg raises, and forward bends.

Strengthening exercises strengthen your muscles and therefore assist in protecting and supporting your joints. Examples of these exercises include Pilates and hand stretches.

The aim of aerobic exercises is to raise your heart rate, improve fitness and ultimately help you control a healthy weight. Examples of these exercises include walking, swimming and cycling5. When changing or introducing a new exercise regime, it’s important to always consult a Doctor beforehand.

Joint Health Supplements

Supplements are another option to help you can enjoy prolonged periods of time outdoors, and take part in higher-energy activities. Move Free Advanced + MSM is a glucosamine chondroitin joint supplement that contains premium ingredients to support the health of your joints*. This supplement has many benefits for you including the following:

  • They support the 5 signs of joint health: mobility, flexibility, strength, lubrication, and comfort*
  • 3 easy to swallow coated tablets per day, they are smaller tablets than standard glucosamine and chondroitin pills.(6)
  • They contain the mineral complex Calcium Fructoborate, which is clinically tested to support joint comfort in as little as 2 weeks(7)
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin which are key in the formation of cartilage to support flexibility and cushioning of your joints*
  • MSM which is important in the formation of collagen, and hyaluronic acid supports joint lubrication*

Making healthier lifestyle choices, carrying out simple exercises and taking joint health supplements are just a few simple steps you can take to help support your joints. Now you know your options, make sure you make the most of the summer months and do what you can to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.


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